Curtis L. Hill Jr. (s.P. The Writer)

Curtis L. Hill Jr., better known as s.P. The Writer (s.P. = silent poet) in poetry circles, is a resident of Raleigh, NC by way of Maysville, North Carolina. As a silent poet, s.P. created the umbrella poetry entertainment company, S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS, that houses 3 productions including Body Of Work (erotic), In Other Words, and the powerhouse, one of a kind, flagship production Inkspired.

    Understanding the power of the spoken word, s.P.’s debut show, Inkspired, harnessed the talents of other notable artists to bring forth his work in a lavish setting. There was a lot of doubt and criticism surrounding the idea of Inkspired at first because of the unfamiliar nature of poets performing someone else’s poetry. However, many of those side conversations have quieted because of Inkspired’s enormous and rapid success. The 6th and latest installment of Inkspired saw businesses and other entities take notice in a huge way! s.P. was able to bring forth the theatrical poem DEAD MAN TALKING in partnership with SEEK Raleigh – experimental arts projects backed by Raleigh Arts. The piece, performed by Mike Wiley and special guest Colin Watson, involved a custom built electric chair and hologram technology from Hologruf Inc. The poem spoke to innocent people being murdered on death row. Inkspired: Kings Edition had artist grace the stage from Atlanta, Maryland, and Iowa further cementing s.P. and Krystal DaMuse’s growing national reach.

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