Zelda Lockhart

ZELDA LOCKHART is Director at Her Story Garden Studios: Inspiring Black Women to Self-Define, Heal, and Liberate Through Our Stories & Nature. Lockhart holds a PhD in Expressive Art Therapies. Her books include Trinity (a novel) by Zelda Lockhart, HarperCollins 2023, Mama Bear: One Black Mother’s Fight for Her Child’s Life and Her Own (by Shirley Smith with Zelda Lockhart), HarperCollins 2021 Diamond Doris: The True Story of the World’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief (by Doris Payne with Zelda Lockhart), and The Soul of the Full-Length Manuscript: Turning Life’s Wounds into the Gift of Literary Fiction, Memoir, or Poetry. Her other novels: Fifth Born, a Barnes & Noble Discovery selection and a Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Award finalist, Cold Running Creek a Black Caucus of the American Library Association Honor Fiction Awardee, and Fifth Born II: The Hundredth Turtle, 2011 Lambda Literary Award finalist.

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Angela Belcher Epps

Angela Belcher Epps is the author of a novella, Salt in the Sugar Bowl (Main Street Rag, 2013). She has contributed to three anthologies: All

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LeJuane Bowens

LeJuane (El’Ja) Bowens is an award-winning spoken word poet, host, speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. Born in Detroit, Mich and raised in Lima, Ohio El’Ja

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