Jonathan S. Eddie

Jonathan Samuel Eddie  is a performance & teaching artist. Through the art of spoken word, he’s helped thousands of young artists harness the power of their voices. His unique brand of comedic poetry draws inspiration from  black pop culture. He is the author of a poetry chapbook, “A Whole Notha Kinda Missing”. He was a  2018 runner-up in The Missouri Review’s Miller Audio Prize for Humor. He has opened up for comedians, Bruce Bruce and Earthquake.  He most recently appeared in the world premiere production of “Look Forward: The Ruby Bridges Story” at the State Theatre of Georgia. 

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Angela Belcher Epps

Angela Belcher Epps is the author of a novella, Salt in the Sugar Bowl (Main Street Rag, 2013). She has contributed to three anthologies: All

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LeJuane Bowens

LeJuane (El’Ja) Bowens is an award-winning spoken word poet, host, speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. Born in Detroit, Mich and raised in Lima, Ohio El’Ja

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