Curtis Hill aka SP the Writer

Curtis L. Hill Jr., better  known as s.P. The Writer (s.P. = silent poet) in poetry circles, is a resident of Raleigh, NC by way of Maysville, North Carolina. As a silent poet, s.P. created the umbrella poetry entertainment company, S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS, that houses 3 productions including Body Of Work (erotic), In Other Words, and the powerhouse, one of a kind, flagship production Inkspired.

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Angela Belcher Epps

Angela Belcher Epps is the author of a novella, Salt in the Sugar Bowl (Main Street Rag, 2013). She has contributed to three anthologies: All

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LeJuane Bowens

LeJuane (El’Ja) Bowens is an award-winning spoken word poet, host, speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. Born in Detroit, Mich and raised in Lima, Ohio El’Ja

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