Social Media Intern

Manages the company’s social media accounts and posts content.
Brainstorms campaign ideas.
Monitor various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik
Tok and Twitter.
Analyzes analytics to gauge the success of campaigns.
Understands the overall concept of the company, including the brand,
customer, product goals, and all other aspects of service.
Engages with customers or clients and provides service and/or sales.
Provide suggestions to management for improving customer experience on
social platforms and internal processes.
Responds to comments, messages, and engages with audience through
message blasts.

Work Hours & Benefits

❖ The Intern agrees that he/she will be compensated in knowledge,
education and experience as consideration for the duties and
responsibilities that he/she will undertake under this Agreement.
❖ The intern agrees that the company cannot promise any monetary
compensation at this time.
❖ The intern agrees that the company can provide the following perks:
❖ Free Conference VIP Pass
❖ Class Credit at participating universities
❖ Free Access to Conference Events
❖ Free mentorship, editing services, manuscript review/feedback
❖ Access to Writing Workshops taught by conference board/staff
❖ Free swag bag/conference merch
❖ Free access to Griot and Grey Owl programs/events
❖ Free access to podcast studio/writing studio
❖ Free access to grants, residencies, and fellowships list
❖ Free one-on-one sessions with Khalisa Rae and various renown
board members
❖ Free food vouchers
❖ Possible stipend in November

Social Media Intern Qualifications / Skills:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online engagement
  • Verbal communication
  • Organization
  • Professionalism
  • Customer focus
  • Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:
  • In 3rd or 4th year of college graduate program or beyond
  • Prior industry experience is preferred

To apply send resume and cover letter to: