Outreach Intern

● Work alongside the team to implement donor and communications
strategies monthly
● Assist in the growth of the brand by raising awareness through
various social media platforms
● Monitor outreach campaigns to ensure brand message is constant
from the terminology used to images posted
● Create letters and communication to partners, speakers, and donors
● Interact with speakers and potential partners/donors by
communicating and answering questions through the company’s
social pages
● Oversee the creating and implementation of a monthly newsletter
which included monthly sales objectives and initiatives
● Help write press releases, brochures, and outreach materials


● Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, journalism, public relations
or related field
● 1-2 years of outreach/communications management experience
● Professional certification in Google Analytics strongly preferred
● Familiar with multi-social posting through programs such as Hootsuite
and HubSpot
● Comfortable with working with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites
● General knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and internet
ranking for web content
● Entry level experience determining how to cater unique marketing
campaigns to a unique audience
● Ability work alongside a diverse group of employees and
simultaneously work toward many company initiatives at once
● Entry level understanding of marketing strategy and how to use the
concepts throughout various forms of outreach

To apply send resume and cover letter to: