Krystal Da Muse

Krystal Argentin, better known as KrystalDaMuse, is THE very talented and vivacious personality that has been woven, from the very beginning stages, into the fabric of everything that falls under the S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS umbrella. Humbly boasting the titles of Co-Producer, Manager, Event Coordinator, and Host for S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS KrystalDaMuse is beginning to show and prove why she is and will continue to be a major player in the entertainment industry for years to come!

Ms. DaMuse has been an integral part of the fast success that S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS has experienced since coming onto the poetry events scene. s.P. credits Krystal saying “she took a no named, unestablished, and heavily doubted poet and turned me into an artist brand that people have very quickly grown to respect and trust.” This partnership, which began in March 2018 has been very crucial to s.P. by allowing him to triple down on his strengths instead of focusing so much on his weaknesses. This ying and yang relationship has culminated in grand poetry experiences that are truly unique and epic in every way!

You can, of course, find KrystalDaMuse hosting on every S DOT P DOT PRODUCTIONS stage but outside of that you can find her spouting her infectious intro (Yo! Yo! Yo! its ya girl KrystalDaMuse coming at you in full effect and always asking DID YOU MISS ME?? of course you have…) at her Taco Tuesday Jam Sessions and a myriad of other events in the RDU area. She has hosted events in other cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Krystal’s prowess has seen her control crowds of over 600 people on multiple occasions and even landed her on the same stage as Mike Epps!

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CJ Suitt

CJ Suitt (he,him/they,them) is a performance poet, arts educator, and community organizer from Chapel Hill, NC, whose work is rooted in storytelling and social justice.

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